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Reiki Treatment

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Over 10 months, one weekend per month, we will teach you everything you need to know to become a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. With confidence to start your own practice, or use as a new tool in the box within your current role.

To ensure this course is right for you, and you are right for this course, the first weekend is COMPLETELY FREE - yes, and no catches. Each module after that is pay per module, no upfront fees. All modules must be completed to gain your diploma. 

This course is accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Register. 

Reiki First Degree

Reiki is a gentle, healing sharing of the energy and essential life force that flows through all things. It stimulates the body’s natural flow of energy and its ability to heal itself. Group size will be limited to 4 people only, to allow plenty of time for questions and sharing.

Firewalking Certification Course

Personal development,
Leadership skills,
Positive thinking,
Motivational coaching,
Rebar bending,
Arrow breaking,
Consciousness awareness,
Spiritual guidance,
And so much more.
This is a fully certified Sundoor course.

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